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Category: Bookkeeping

Accounting dictionary definition


If you fail to identify an account correctly as either a real, personal or nominal account, in most cases, you will get end up recording incorrect journal entries. Suppose Alpha Ltd. is a supplier of cycles, which costs Rs. 4200 per cycle. Beta Ltd. purchases 20 cycles from Alpha Ltd. @ Rs. 5000 per cycle.

Content: Transaction Vs Event

, or the debit and the credit, such that a receipt of cash from a customer equals an increase in revenue or that a purchase from a supplier equals an increase in expenses and a decrease in cash. A receipt of cash from a customer result in an increase in cash (asset) and a decrease in accounts receivable (asset).

What are three main types of transactions?

What are the three main types of bank transactions? Check, deposit, and withdrawal are the main types. Deposits can be used for checking or savings. Other types main include ATM, POS, charge, check, online.

  • The term transaction is different from the event, in the sense that the former involves the exchange of values, but the latter may or may not involve the exchange of values.
  • A credit is an accounting entry that increases either a liability or equity account.

what is an accounting transaction


what is an accounting transaction

The purchasing and selling that took place between the two business entities is a transaction, while the reduction in stock and profit earned is an event. This is very important in case there are errors or for any questions later. Documentation on all entries can be filed by assigning a journal entry number and date as a packet. Anyone should be able to look up a journal entry in the general ledger and then go to the backup documentation easily. You may need to create new account names in the journal if you have an out of the ordinary transaction such as the sale of stock or the purchase of land.

Differences between Transaction and Event in Accounting

These are everyday transactions that keep the business running, such as sales and purchases, rent for office space, advertisements, and other expenses. with one buying and the other one selling is considered an external transaction.

March 13, 2020