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Can Gents And Ladies Stay Friends Without Advantages?

Can Gents And Ladies Stay Friends Without Advantages?

Dear Sugar broadcast is a regular podcast from member section WBUR. Hosts Steve Almond and Cheryl Strayed offer “radical empathy” and suggestions about sets from relationships and parenthood to coping with medication dilemmas or anxiety.

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Today the hosts start thinking about whether people can undoubtedly be platonic friends. First, one woman writes that her boyfriend thinks that “attraction will ultimately have the better” of any right male and female friends. Upcoming, the Sugars hear from a lady wondering if all men are bored with having deep, emotionally-probing conversations.

I will be a young girl in a tight-knit, male-dominated, imaginative industry. I’ve a few close male friends i will be profoundly linked to, and I also mean real buddies with who I share strong, but platonic, psychological bonds. I like the richness these relationships bring to my entire life.

My partner will not. He’s convinced women and men can’t ever be friends — truly that attraction will sooner or later have the better of just one or both events, switching disastrous for several. He is constantly dubious of my male friends and frustrated within my investment inside them.

Obviously, this irks me personally, but Sugars, is he right? Can it be simply impractical to believe genuine male/female friendships are sustainable? Am we being naive to imagine we are perhaps not chemically bound to build up intimate emotions, and therefore if this kind of attraction did take place, we’re able to recover without losing the relationship?

Cheryl Strayed: Steve, i believe our company is evidence that the solution to this real question is yes, women and men can be friends really. Platonically Puzzled, i am really worried that your particular partner does not think this. This informs me he is not necessarily launched himself up to relationships with females without constantly sex that is making attraction area of the equation, that I think actually limits his life. (more…)

May 8, 2020