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PMS – symptoms of premenstrual syndrome in women, signs before menstruation, how long PMS lasts


PMS – symptoms of premenstrual syndrome in women, signs before menstruation, how long PMS lasts

The main sign of premenstrual syndrome is the cyclical nature of its symptoms and the end of their manifestation with the onset of menstruation.

The choice of a specialist to be addressed with a premenstrual symptom directly depends on the type of this disease, since each of them is characterized by certain “marker” symptoms. Osobisty trener online Here is the need for consultation with a specific specialist, as well as the types of diagnostic procedures for a certain type of ICP in the form of a table:

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ICP Type

Specialist profile for diagnosis and treatment

Diagnostic procedures


Neurologist, psychiatrist.

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Electroencephalography, rheoencephalography, craniography.


Nephrologist, urologist.

Study of excretory function of the kidneys, determination of indicators of residual creatinine and nitrogen, mammography.


Electroencephalography rheoencephalography

Nephrologist, neurologist.

Electroencephalography, rheoencephalography, craniography.


Neurologist, optometrist, allergist.

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X-ray of the bones of the cranial vault and the Turkish saddle, Electroencephalography, rheoencephalography, fundus examination.

premenstrual syndrome


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The choice of a specialist and diagnostic procedures is based on the manifestations of premenstrual syndrome.

The similarity of premenstrual syndrome and pregnancy

A number of PMS symptoms accurately repeat manifestations during pregnancy. In particular, both of these conditions are characterized by painful sensations of the mammary glands, intolerance to odors, fatigue, and an oppressed emotional state. Because of this, there are cases when, without in-depth diagnosis, PMS and pregnancy are confused. Tribulus Terrestris e i suoi effetti sulla costruzione muscolare Premenstrual syndrome can be mistaken for pregnancy and vice versa. Fitness Every doctor should keep this in mind.

Of course, the main diagnostic factor will be a pregnancy test. Only he will accurately determine the cause of the characteristic physiological changes. And this test is extremely important for all women of childbearing age, since treatment, in particular hormonal, premenstrual syndrome, can negatively affect the course of pregnancy and fetal development.

Treatment of premenstrual syndrome

Premenstrual syndrome cannot be cured in practice.

This statement is understood and accepted by the vast majority of doctors. Hydroxycuts Hardcore Pro Series – Information resource on bodybuilding and a healthy lifestyle The chronic nature, cyclicity and extent, as well as the incompletely studied nature of PMS, make its treatment effective only in terms of relieving symptoms. Cases of complete overcoming of premenstrual syndrome are known, but we are not talking about any systematic nature of these achievements. Therefore, always the tactics of treating PMS is aimed at facilitating the course and removal of its symptoms.

The construction of premenstrual syndrome in three directions:


choice specialist

the use of hormonal drugs,

non-drug therapy.

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Medication for PMS

The need to use medications for premenstrual syndrome is assessed solely by the doctor and only by the intensity of the symptoms of the disease. The main objective of this therapeutic direction is to improve the quality of life during PMS. Světová antidopingová agentura pozastavuje renomovanou laboratoř ve Francii Mostly a woman needs medicines in four groups:

September 23, 2019